Our mission is to deliver innovative superior quality workmanship, on time and within Client’s budget.

With over 8 years of combined professional experience in all facets of commercial interior design and Civil Construction works, EKBC Team will ensure through their experience and the ability to translate strategic briefs and initial workplace concepts right through to commencement of construction and deliver best quality customer-oriented end results.

We have demonstrated experience in designing and refurbishing retail and corporate office interiors, fit out jobs, steel structure, maintenance works and many other civil works in accordance to Client’s requirements.

The diverse range of successfully completed projects demonstrates our capability and our commitment to deliver high quality and effective design solutions for our Clients.

We believe that the best design concepts are functional, highly efficient and reflect the character and brief of the Client.

The primary difference between any numbers of qualified construction firms is the unique project team assembled to handle a Client’s project.  At EKBC, that includes the individuals that would be assigned to the project site and the home office support staff backing them.

We believe that one of the main advantages in selecting EKBC is the qualifications of the project staff and support staff to serve your project. In building this project team relationship, EKBC will recognize and address the needs and objectives of each of the team members, in maintaining the project’s overall goals.

EKBC has recruited the most highly experienced managers available in our labor market to guarantee that each EKBC project is constructed to the quality standards specified, and within the time and budget restraints of the project.

Our field supervisory personnel, in conjunction with our professional office staff, provide our clients, with quick answers and solutions to questions or challenges that arise on the project site.  As a team, they provide for timely deliveries, accurate estimates, experienced and qualified labor force, and planning and performance of the Client’s work in a safe and productive manner.

This project team approach has provided EKBC with a history of satisfied and repeat business with Clients who demand quality and performance for their projects.

EKBC knows how to integrate manufacturing along with complex material handling and process equipment into new and existing facilities.  We have the experience, reputation and resources to coordinate procurement and installation of all major equipment systems and components.

EKBC staff, know the purpose of the facility during construction so a very good advantage for the Client.

We are involved with state-of-the-art facilities in our marketplace and we enjoy working with Clients who are challenging today’s technology for a better future.  We have the confidence in our personnel to introduce innovative approaches in helping our Clients achieve their ambitious and aggressive goals.

Because we have the capability, we are frequently called upon to prepare budgets at early schematic design stages of a project.  As the design develops, we constantly monitor the estimated cost of construction.  As construction proceeds, we identify additional areas of savings to produce the quality product below the project budget.

EKBC provides accurate cost estimating.  Estimating is completed in-house and dedicated to creating a budget or cost estimate that accurately reflects the scope of the work involved in the project under consideration.

Our group of estimators are trained and experienced in the art of conceptual estimating geared toward lump sum, hard bidding.  This fundamental element of service means that EKBC Clients can work closely with our team in planning and projecting project cash flows for jobs in various stages of design and construction.

Our staff employs in-house historical cost data, computerized data base information, and the latest market place computer applications, but their most valued contribution is their personal knowledge and experience in the construction market related to our Client’s business.

Our Strength

Strong Team

Union of well experienced and professional staff handling and heading the departments to execute the work in an organized fashion.

Well experienced Management, brilliant team of engineers and co-workers put their best efforts to complete the job.

Solid Execution

Fast Turnaround: EKBC has a proven track record of completing most challenging and complex projects in record time.

Cost Effective: Time and again EKBC has proven its ability to complete the projects within optimal costs.

Complex and Challenging Jobs: EKBC has executed some of the most technically challenging and complex jobs in the region.


EKBC strongly believes in using the best of the available technology to meet customer aspirations.