Quality Control

EKBC is committed to the continuous improvement of its operations. Client Service is an important aspect. EKBC encourages client comment concerning its operations, recognizing that satisfied clients provide additional service opportunities, as well as recommendations to other clients in the industries we serve. Where clients maintain their own Quality Programs, EKBC is most agreeable to provide the necessary interface to dovetail its program with the owner’s requirements. EKBC participates in programs and believes that properly run programs create a team effort, from the owner through all project participants that promotes the elements of communication and cooperation that are necessary to provide the most cost-effective construction. It fosters additional pre-planning and coordination, among all participants, and provides for quicker solutions and answers to design problems and questions that would otherwise create costly slowdowns or delays in the progress of the work. It encourages the early identification and resolution of problems related to materials and deliveries, and enables everyone to better schedule their resources for the optimum completion schedule.

An initial inspection and conference before the start of any operation to assure that required and specified procedures are known, and that the proper materials, skilled manpower, and work environment are in place and ready for the operation to begin correctly.

Follow-up inspections, during the work operations, to assure that the requirements of the contract are being met; or, identify and document issues requiring correction.

Procedures to track and document the resolution of any non-compliance to contract requirements that may be discovered during the continuing inspections.

Such programs provide EKBC the ability to provide a quality product, in an efficient and timely manner. When coupled with the use of quality certified fabricators, in an owner’s contractual requirements, the quality of the materials furnished to EKBC also provides for a higher quality product, requiring fewer field adjustments of fabricated pieces to complete the work.

EKBC executives and supervisors are committed to the process of continuous improvement and actively encourage the input to continue the process.